Milborne Port Primary School

 Gainsborough Class (Reception)


Teacher: Mrs Carr
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Drogan and Mrs Stirling

Welcome to Gainsborough class page.

Gainsborough class is taught by Mrs Carr and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Drogan. The class will also be taught by Mrs Stirling on a Friday afternoon.   

PE will take place on Mondays and Fridays and currently the children can come to school wearing their PE kit on those days. They can wear their school jumper as well as trainers.

Currently, Home Learning comprises of completing the RWI Speed Sounds book on the days a new sound is taught, phonic flashcard practice and reading storybooks from the book corner to your child. When they are ready they will start to bring home word cards, reading sheets and reading books for them to read themselves. 

Here you will find lots of information about the class; what we are learning about and what we have been doing. Please pay special attention to the letters below as this is where Mrs Carr will place all letters sent from her which contain lots of useful information. These letters will all be sent out via the school office also.  

Please do not hesitate in contacting us with any questions or queries.  

Blended Learning 

Blended Learning is work and activities for your child to complete if they are healthy, but unable to attend school due to self-isolation. Children are not expected to carry out work at home if they are unwell. Please do not carry out the work as additional home learning (homework) as the work is based on what we do in school.

Gainsborough Class Blended Learning will be uploaded to Tapestry via a new observation each week. Tapestry can be found here:  If you have not yet activated your account please do so as soon as possible or contact us via email:

The use of Tapestry will ensure that all learning your child undertakes at home and in school can be recorded in one place. Photos and videos of children’s learning can be uploaded easily and quickly using Tapestry. Once your child has completed an activity please take a photograph of it and upload it as a new observation. If you wish, you can add a brief explanation of how they got on. I will then be able to provide feedback for you and your child. 

For more information please click here for the Tapestry and Blended Learning Letter 13th October 2020

Our Learning 

Over the second half of the Autumn term we will learn about people who help us in our local community. We will learn about firefighters, doctors and nurses, police officers, vets and post office workers. We will also learn about different celebrations that take place at this time of year including Bonfire night, Diwali and Christmas. 


Week 8

Gainsborough class came back to school after the half term break full of enthusiasm. In week 8 we have learnt about Bonfire Night and Diwali.

In English we read the story ‘Sparks in the Sky’ and wrote sense poems about Bonfire Night. We also read Dipal’s Diwali to discover how Hindus celebrate Diwali.

In Art we created firework pictures using wax crayons and painted a black sky over the top. We have also been busy colouring Rangoli patterns and drawing fireworks with chalk.

In maths we thought about the composition of 3. We used 2 sided discs, toy animals in pens, numicon and the part part whole method to discover number bonds to 3. We started to read number equations and understand what the different symbols mean. Some of us even started to record our own number equations to represent how we partitioned 3.


Week 9

This week we have started our main theme of this half term which is ‘People Who Help Us’. Following on from learning about fireworks we chose to focus on Fire Fighters.

In English we read the story Charlie the Firefighter. Charlie loved being a firefighter and demonstrated to us that no matter who we are we can grow up to be whoever we want to be. We did some fantastic pictures of what we would find in a fire station and wrote a brilliant list of equipment that Charlie needs to do her job. We are trying  really hard with our initial sounds and segmenting skills.

In maths we have learnt all about circles and triangles. We went on a ‘Shape Hunt’ around the school and created pictures using shapes. We also learnt to use positional language and position a teddy bear in different places.


Week 10

This week we had a very special visitor to Gainsborough class, Paddington Bear! Paddington visited us, as he recently had a trip to hospital so we wanted to share his experiences and let us know the very important role that Doctors and Nurses have in helping us.

We enjoyed drawing and writing what items Paddington would need in his suitcase if he had to stay in hospital again. We also explored the structure of a story and created more adventures for Paddington that resulted in trips to the hospital for him.

In maths we learnt about the numbers 4 and 5. We subitised pictures of these numbers, ordered pictures of our hands for numbers 1-5 and ordered numerals 1-5.

It was Friendship week in school and Mrs Eyres read us Hello Friend! By Rebecca Cobb. We used pastels to draw lovely pictures of our friends, which are now on display in the school hall

During the first half of the Autumn term learnt about who we are and where we live. We thought about the area that we live in and how it changes during Autumn.  


Week 1 

Gainsborough Class had a great first week at school. We spent a long time getting to know each other and our classroom. It has been fantastic to see how well we have gotten used to the routine of school. We have tried to stay safe through lots of hand washing and catching our sneezes and coughs.  

We have been doing some brilliant learning through play as well as learning 3 phonic sounds already. We tried hard to draw a picture of ourselves on our first day and can’t wait to do another one every month to see how we improve.

We are looking forward to the year ahead where we will work hard and have lots of fun together in our learning journey.


Week 2

The weather was beautiful for our 2nd week in school so we have made sure we were outside as much as possible. The children loved learning in the outdoor classroom where lots of communicating with each other took place.

Our theme for week 2 was ‘It’s Okay to be Different’. We read a fantastic book written by Todd Parr where we learnt that we are all different but amazing at the same time. We drew some fantastic pictures of things we liked doing and understood that it is okay to enjoy playing in different ways.

The children are really looking forward to staying all day next week and having even more opportunities to learn and play.

Week 3 

All the children have loved coming to school all day this week. It means they can spend some more time learning and playing with their friends.

This week we have focused on our families and who we live with. We drew some fantastic pictures of the people and animals in our households and really enjoyed sharing these with each other.

We are really enjoying our P.E. lessons where we are learning to follow instructions and move to music. In the hall we listen very well to Mrs Carr and the C.D. and move around safely. We had a lovely Friday afternoon with Mrs Stirling who taught us for the first time.

Week 4

Our theme for week 4 was Houses and Homes. We thought about different types of houses from around the world as well as our own homes. We drew our own houses and imagined what sort of house we would like to live in. Lots of use wanted to live in a castle but there were a few of us who thought a lighthouse or a windmill would be a good place to live.

This week we started our maths lessons. We started by learning about sorting. We were great at sorting by colour, size and type. We worked hard to figure out sorting rules and we found the odd one out when it was in the wrong place. We also met Mr Muddles who helps us at the end of our maths lessons to fully understand what we have learnt.

On Thursday afternoon we avoided the rain and went out, around the school grounds for a listening walk. We made special listening ear hand bands which helped us hear lots of different sounds.

Week 5

Our theme for week 5 was ‘The Three Little Pigs’. The children enjoyed using actions to retell the story, we created a story map, drew one of the characters and identified the initial sounds in parts of the story. The children chose to make masks to help them in role playing the story for themselves. We also enjoyed creating stick puppets for the characters from the Three Little Pigs.

In maths we have compared amounts of objects, size of objects and weight. We used vocabulary such as more than, fewer than, equal, heavy, light, heavier and lighter.


Week 6 and 7

Over the last two weeks of the half term we have reflected on the changes that are happening at this time of year. 

In week 6 we looked at ‘The Little Red Hen’. We read the story and discussed whether it was fair that the Little Red Hen ended up eating the bread. We agreed that her friends should have helped her if they wanted to share the bread too.

In week 7 we went outside and explored the school grounds to see the impact of Autumn. We loved collecting leaves and comparing them. We read the story Leaf Man and created our very own Leaf men and women. 

We have had a great first term where we have made friends, had lots of fun and started our learning journey. 

Websites to support learning at home: 

Phonics Play

A great website that has a wide range of games to practise reading. 

Oxford Owl

A website with a range of e-books and other resources to support reading. 

Teach Your Monster To Read

For children in Reception they should be able to access Stage 1- First Steps. Some children may be able to access Stage 2-Fun with Words.

Hungry Little Minds 

A DFE website with ideas for parents of activities to do at home with your children. 



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