Milborne Port Primary School and The Beeches Pre-School

Building a Foundation for Life

Milborne Port, Somerset DT9 5EP

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Janet Walden (Co-opted Governor)

I believe passionately that all children deserve the best educational experiences possible and am delighted to be a part of Milborne Port Primary School as we strive to offer that to each of our children.


Alison Baker (Parent) 

I have three children at the school and have been a governor since 2022. I am very passionate about making sure all children get the best from their education, and I am really enjoying seeing a how a school works from a more strategic view point. . Having a background in special educational needs schools and have run my own business I feel I have a wide range of skills to bring to the role, along with a great sense of humour! My aim as a parent governor is to help our school be the best it can be for its students.

Yvonne Bright (Co-opted Governor Governor)

I have been a resident in Milborne Port since 2016 and love this village .My background is in Nursing management and Pastoral work in Education. I now work as a Children’s youth and families coordinator for ReBorne Church. I have been involved in school Governorship for over 22 years both in Primary and Secondary schools in villages and cities, and I love the role. 

My passion is that everyone, young and older have the opportunity to explore and fulfil their potential. The drive I have every day  is to ensure I do everything I possibly can to ensure I play a positive part in this.  Our young people from birth to eighteen are the generation of today and each has a part to play. I want to celebrate all they do and achieve as we watch them mature and blossom in their gifts. 

John Oldham (Co-opted Governor)

I have lived in the village since 2007, moving here on return from the Netherlands and impending retirement. Children are our future and I am honoured to be able to support their development in our community by working as Governor at our school. I have previously served on the board of Governors in a large independent school and before that was a member of the PTA at the two schools my children attended.

Rob Lockey (Co-opted Governor)

I am a former pupil and parent and am now proud to be a governor at the school. I am currently a member of the Finance Committee and also serve on the Pay and Personnel Committee and the Children and Learning Committee along with the Infrastructure Committee.  Outside of the school I am a Commonalty Trustee.

Charlotte Carr (Staff Governor)

I have worked at Milborne Port Primary School since September 2018 and have been teaching since 2010. I currently teach reception and have a strong interest in education in early years and KS1. I am passionate about books and reading and enjoy being part of the journey all children take to become readers throughout the school.  I am very proud to be part of such a happy environment where children develop the love of learning. In my role as Staff Governor, I hope to be a voice for all staff and to ensure the very best outcomes for children. I look forward to working alongside my fellow governors for the benefit of the whole school community. 


Phil Emonson ( Co-opted Governor)

I have lived in the village for 6 years and I am delighted to be a co-opted governor.  I'm an experienced project manager working in the environmental and flood risk sector.  I have experience of leading people, projects and programmes in the public and private sector.  Through my role on the Board of Governors, I want to help to ensure the very best possible learning environment, to support the continuation of high standards of teaching, and to make sure the school achieves its potential with students who are happy in their education. 



Nathalie Hetherington (LA Governor)

I am a semi-retired secondary school teacher and teacher trainer, now the Deputy Clerk of Milborne Port Parish Council, still with a keen interest in education. I have lived in the village for six years, having moved from Hampshire with my husband and daughter, both also teachers! I am very happy to have been recently co-opted as the LA Governor and I am looking forward to becoming involved in the life of the school and to supporting the staff in providing rich and inspiring experiences for their pupils.

Vacancy (Co-opted Governor)

Elenoire Darey (Parent Governor)

I am delighted to act as a parent governor for the school and I am passionate about the school and the community that the school works within. I have a background in finance and sit on the finance committee and I am truly looking forward to working with the staff, children and the other governors to ensure the children shine and have the very best possible education and learning environment. 


What we do:

Currently there are 14 members of the Governing Board, representing the Local Authority, local community, parents and staff. We are all volunteers, and we all have the same aims and ambitions for the school. We are interested in doing the best for the children, their education and their development.

We recognise that there are three important core roles to our contribution at Milborne Port Primary School.

The first is strategic. It is our responsibility to agree policies and to monitor their impact.

The second is to be a ‘critical friend’. It is important that we ask relevant but probing questions. We examine the performance of the children in the school, and we give praise where it is good and seek ways of making continuous improvements.

Thirdly, we must ensure accountability. For instance, if we delegate a task to a committee or working party, the terms of reference for the group must be clearly set. We must evaluate ourselves and the actions we take and be accountable to parents and the wider community.

Apart from confidential minutes, all governor meeting minutes are available from the school office on request.

Governor Committees

To help us in the role we have set up 4  Committees

  • Finance  –  is involved in the setting of the budget and monitors spend throughout the year to ensure that spend is being managed well within the school and that the financial operation of the school is in accordance with the school Finance Policy.
  • Pay and Personnel – oversee the staffing within the school, including the staffing structure, staff pay and recruitment of new staff.
  • Children and Learning  –  examine the data analysis provided by the SLT,  questioning it and monitors the teaching of the curriculum.
  • Infrastructure -  deals with the premises including Health and Safety.

Financial Performance of the School

1. Financial Skills within the Finance Committee
It is essential for the governing board to have access to adequate financial skills to ensure they meet their statutory responsibilities for the financial management of the school and to safeguard the public money for which they are responsible. Every year members of the Finance committee populate a Finance Governors Skill Matrix to ensure that the committee have adequate skills. Governors are able to improve their skills by attending Finance training.

2. Financial Skills of School Staff
It is also essential that staff with financial management responsibilities have the necessary skills. Every year staff with financial management responsibilities populate a Staff Financial Skills Matrix to ensure that the staff have the adequate skills. This matrix summarises the financial management skills that best practice determines should be held by staff with financial management responsibility within the school.

3. Financial Monitoring by the Governing Board
The Business Manager/Head Teacher provide the Finance  committee with regular reports showing actual spend and estimated spend against budget. These reports are reviewed by the committee and any indicators showing potential variance questioned. Any movement of funds from one area to another are approved by the committee if it exceeds £1,000 (as specified in the school Finance Policy). Any premises spend over £1,500 also has to be authorised by the committee.
A Financial Management audit is performed once a year by the committee. The result of this audit together with an Action Plan is provided to the Local Authority to show that the school adhere to the School Financial Value Standard (SFVS)