Milborne Port Primary School and The Beeches Pre-School

Building a Foundation for Life

Milborne Port, Somerset DT9 5EP

01963 250366

Aims & Values


Milborne Port Primary School - Aims

To provide a broad, balanced and creative education that uses the whole school environment and beyond to maximise learning and foster the children's spiritual, moral, social, emotional and cultural development.
To create an inclusive and safe environment,, with strong responsive relationships, where all pupils, staff, governors, parents and volunteers feel valued, able to express themselves and have high expectations.
To provide the highest standards of teaching for all pupils in our care.
To guide our pupils to become lifelong learners and healthy responsible adults.
To provide a range of opportunities for personal and professional growth for all members of staff.


Milborne Port Primary School - Values

As a staff we feel that the environment that we offer our pupils should be fun, inspirational and safe.

The values that we wish our pupils to acquire are represented and taught through our 7 Bees::

Be Healthy

Be Proud

Be Determined
Be Compassionate
Be Creative
Be Respectful
Be a Team Player