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Welcome to Wheathill Class (Year 3)

Teacher: Mrs N. Talbott

Teaching Assistant: Mrs C. Hawley

Year 3 Annual Curriculum Overview document: Download here
Year 3 Spring Term Parent overview: Download here


Spring Term 2021  - Blended learning

The school has a blended learning approach this year if you need to self isolate at any time during the year. You can access our class work via your child's individual Google Classroom login, which has been stuck into the password page of their learning journal. Details of how to login have been sent to your parents and carers by email.

Children have been learning to access Google Classroom using our school tetra-tabs in our IT lessons but you might need to ask an adult for help when you login at home for the first time.

Each week you will find the work you need to complete when you are working from home. You then need to send your finished work back to me via google classroom so that I can review and mark it for you. Some tasks will require you to watch videos on other websites and complete tasks on paper. For these, you can ask an adult to photograph your work and send it to me by email to prove you have completed it. 

If you have problems accessing a computer at home, please email the school immediately so that alternative arrangements can be made for you to complete your work.
If you are unwell, we will not expect you to complete your work. However, if you are well and staying at home because someone in your household is waiting for a test, we will expect you to continue a full curriculum of daily learning each day.  

Weekly Homework for all pupils

Weekly homework has been reintroduced for all pupils. Tasks will be added weekly to children's personal Google Classroom area. Children are expected to complete the piece of work for that week and send it to me each Monday.

Curriculum documents
Please download the Spring Term Parent Overview to follow our learning topics and plans for the first term. The Curriculum Overview document is an overview of the Year 3 curriculum as a whole and is also available to download.  


Contact me

If you have any questions, queries or information that you would like to communicate to me, please email the office so that it can be forward to me to deal with. If you would like to make appointments to speak to me by phone, this can also be arranged through the school office. 


Important Information
Drop off and collection: Wheathill pupils should enter the school via the hall entrance at 8.35am where Mrs Hawley and I will be waiting to greet you and take you to your new classroom. Pick up after school will be from the same place from 3.15pm. Two classes will be exciting from this exit, therefore we will begin dismissing pupils once the previous class has departed.
Forgotten items: If pupils have forgotten their coat or lunch, a box will be placed outside the office main entrance to drop off these items and should clearly detail the pupil's name and class. PE kits cannot be brought in to change in school during Covid restrictions. If your child forgets their kit, they will have to do PE in their school uniform. 

Uniform and PE lessons: PE will take place on Tuesdays and Wednesdays this term. Children should come to school in their PE Kit on these days. They will need to wear their school jumper. If you could supply an old shirt for art, we may be able to protect school jumpers from paint. I have a couple that have come up from Venn class if you brought one in last year. We will keep up with our active curriculum aiming to complete a GOLDEN MILE at times, so please ensure your child has suitable school shoes. We pop outside when the weather permits and don't need to be changing shoes for a quick jog. 

Reading at home should be recorded in your child's reading record. It is their responsibility to bring these to school and home again each day as theses are also used for computer login details, spellings and any quick messages from me. Please aim to read at home at least 4 times per week.

Spellings are set weekly on Fridays and can be accessed via the spelling shed login. A list of the weekly spellings will also be stuck into learning journals should pupils wish to learn their spellings by other methods. 

Homework tasks will be uploaded onto Google Classroom for children to complete each week. It is important that we continue to minimise the number of items being brought into school, therefore I ask that you photograph and email any work that cannot be submitted directly on Google Classroom. 

Our Topic: Street Detectives

Our topic for the first part of the spring term is called 'Street Detectives'. During this topic we will be exploring the area of Milborne Port and its surrounds so that children may gain knowledge and insights into their local area, its geography, history and industry. 

Thank you for your support!

Mrs Talbott and Mrs Hawley


English and Topic Skill Building Tasks - you can complete these if you cannot access Google classroom tasks when self isolating.

 English Supported Group - Sentence Work.pdfDownload
 Scrambled Sentences.pdfDownload
 Types of sentences workbook.pdfDownload
 Types of sentences answers.pdfDownload
 Y3 - Stone Age - Meet the Flintstones - POWer Project 1.docDownload
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Why not get involved with the Summer Reading Challenge! The digital Challenge will be free to access, featuring games, quizzes and digital and downloadable activities to incentivise and encourage children and their families to take part in treading related activities at home. Find out more : 

What have the key workers in school been doing this week? Our theme was Bubbles and we had a lot of fun.

More of Wheathill's Wonderful Home Learning!

What has Mrs Talbott been up to recently?

Remember: You do not need to stick rigidly to the plan for the week, it might just help to focus your learning each day. I have planned for you to complete a task for English, maths and your choice of another subject. 

Each week, I am setting three English targets for you to complete in your work. You will find these written in orange on the home learning plan. These are like your blue target sheets we stick in your book and will help you to continue to practice and improve your writing style.

For ideas of alternative activities you can do on weekends or with the rest of the family, read our Culture page. 

 Video links to YouTube. The video is unlisted and cannot be searched. It can only be viewed through the link. Please do not re-post on your own social media as you cannot tell exactly who can see it then depending on your settings.

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