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“"Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without.”



At Milborne Port Primary School,  we use the music programme SingUp.  This programme provides teachers with weekly lessons, assessment, progression, and engaging and exciting whiteboard resources to support all the requirements of the National Curriculum.  The Subject Leader is using the (non-statutory) Model Music Curriculum to build in the skills for each year group.  The interrelated dimensions of music weave through the units to encourage the development of musical skills as the learning progresses through listening and appraising, differing musical activities (including composing and exploring) and performing.

To ensure a rich and diverse Cultural Capital, children are introduced to a wide range of musical genres, music from different cultures and from focuses on composers or artists for each year group.  This promotes a love of music and understanding of the history in which each composer lived and wrote their music, influenced by world events of the time.

We use the 'Classical 100' ABRSM listening list to introduce pupils to a wide range of Great (Classical) Composers.  This is used in assemblies as well as occasionally in lessons.

SingUp is also used to provide access to a wide range of songs in assemblies, to support cross-curricular work and for the Choir.

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